How to use the ratchet tightener


One, Ratchet tie down is used in the transportation, movement, shipment or storage of goods fixed function, they have locked, will not fall off, safe and reliable, light, easy to operate, protect the object from damage.  According to different hooks, suitable for all kinds of environments.  Also known as bolting device, tightening device, binding device, fastening device, fastening belt.

how to use the ratchet tightener

Two, the characteristics:

1. The ratchet tie down has a high breaking strength
2, simple operation
3, low cost and high efficiency
4, can replace the same purpose of other products: such as wire rope, chains, etc
5. Ratchet tie downplays a fixed role in the transportation, movement or storage of goods.  After locking, it will not fall off, is safe and reliable, is light and easy to operate, and can protect the object from damage.
6, a variety of sizes for choice

Three, how to choose Ratchet tie down :

Mainly from the following aspects:
1 width – ribbon width is generally 25mm 38mm 50mm 75mm 100mm, etc
2. Strength – the safety load and breaking load that the tensioner can bear
3. The style is generally divided into hook type and no hook type

Four, the use of ratchet tie down

Step 1: The two hooks are hooked on the base, and the ribbon needs to be fixed.
Step 2: Open hardware, weave the ribbon through the middle, and then rotate the shaft back through the middle
The third part: tighten the ribbon in advance
Step 4: Swing the handle back and forth to tighten the ribbon.
Step 5: The following steps are to loosen r. Hold the safety piece of the handle and open the hardware of the tensioner to the maximum. The rotating shaft will loosen automatically.
Step 6: Pull out the ribbon and loosen ratchet tie down

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