24 Tonne Heavy Duty Lifting Webbing Sling Belt


24 Ton Lifting Webbing Sling

Product Details:

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Product Description:

24 Ton orange color lifting crane belt, is high quality used for crane lifting. Made 100% high strength polyester yarn. It is soft and not damage goods when lifting. Synthetic polyester (fiber material) slings are lighter.


24 Ton Lifting Webbing Sling

Product Parameters:

–Flat with 4 layers polyester

–Total length 20 feet +/- 1 feet

–Width 10 inches +/- 1 inch

–Capacity: no less than 24 tons in vertical firing position

–With a flat button hole at each end

–Length of each eyelet 2 feet +/–0.5 feet

–Each sling have a leather or synthetic lining (sheath) for protection against wear and tear when lifting the load with sharp edges or sharp edges

–Alert agent inside its construction marked with a red thread that alerts the user and denotes that it must be removed from its use due to the reduction of its load capacity or an alert system for chemical processing that to use continuous and heavy change color between seams to indicate that it has lost capacity

–Meet standards IRAM 5378/79, ASME B30.90 or EN 1492-1


Important advice for safe lifting:

Do not exceed WLL(Working Load Limit).
Do not use sling without tag.
Inspect before use.
Do not use a sling if there is any sign of a cut cover, snagging, chemical damage.
Do not tie knots with a sling.
Protect sling from sharp edges.
Do not expose sling to high temperatures, extremely above 90°C.
Keep away from strong alkali and other compounds.

The whole Lifting webbing sling belts and OEM are welcomed.
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Heavy duty lifting work
Widely used in construction & hoisting & lifting sites.


Professional factory for lifting webbing sling.
Skilled worker staff and Quality management.
Daily output exceed 5,000 pcs.

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