Manual Hand Winch

Hand winch also called manual hand winch, pulling hand winch, portable hand winch, portable capstan winch, boat trailer hand winch, including wire rope (wire cable) manual hand winch and polyester webbing strap hand winch.


Easier to move goods
Crank Handle with anti-slip grip.
Heavy duty winch body.
Surface Treatment: powder coating or zinc plating.
Carbon steel heat treated shaft and gears.
Great for boats, trailers, and pickup trucks
Resistant to bad weather, Easy to mount, Portable.
Designed for use with cable or strap
Planetary gear – efficient, easy cranking
Capacities: 600 to 3,200 lbs

Industrial manual hand winch is used for vertical lifting. Crank handle clockwise to lift, counter-clockwise to lower. Have Automatic brake and hand wheel for cable or strap feed.

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Product Parameters:

Wire Rope or Cable Manual Hand Winch
Popular for boat trailers and lifting applications
Available for maximum working loads up to 3,200 lbs
The most common line for winching

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Webbing Straps Manual Hand Winch
Heavy-duty, polyester webbing winch straps with hooks
Available for maximum working loads up to 3,200 lbs
Winds cleaner on the drum than wire cable and doesn’t kink
Better for boat trailers.

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Application and After-Sales Service:

A manual hand winch is usually used to pull or lift large or heavy items such as pull boats to trailers or hauling lifting loads. Zinc plating resists rust and corrosion, so it is perfect for marine applications.

Whole Manual hand winch and OEM are welcomed.
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