Double Ply Flat Webbing Lifting Sling

Polyester Flat Lifting Slings also named Eye and Eye webbing slings, polyester flat webbing sling, lift webbing sling, lifting strap, belt sling, polyester lifting sling, lift strop, flat sling, flat web lifting sling or belt webbing sling, woven slings, webbing slings. Sometimes Confused with nylon lifting slings. Usually made into a Simplex or Duplex flat webbing sling or endless round slings.

Polyester is a lightweight Synthetic material conform to EN 1492-2:2000. The material is very soft and therefore does not cause damage to the goods when lifting. Synthetic polyester (fiber material) slings are much lighter than wire rope and chain slings.

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Polyester slings are much cheaper & lighter & more flexible than other slings, also have a good safety factor. Usually, have a protective sleeve wrapped around the sling or bonded onto the surface of the sling.
We have stocks of 1 to 10 tonne in many different lengths and could deliver OEM orders very quickly as we have plenty of raw material stock.

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Product Parameters:DOUBLE PLY FLAT WEBBING Lifting SLING

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Application and After-Sales Service:

Flat webbing sling has widely used in construction & hoisting & lifting sites such as aviation, crane lifting, steel tube lifting, port handling, power installation, mechanical processing, shipbuilding, transportation and other fields.

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Important advice for safe lifting:

Do not exceed WLL(Working Load Limit).
Do not use sling without tag.
Inspect before use.
Do not use a sling if there is any sign of a cut cover, snagging, chemical damage.
Do not tie knots with a sling.
Protect sling from sharp edges.
Do not expose sling to high temperatures, extremely above 90°C.
Keep away from strong alkali and other compounds.

The whole Lifting webbing sling belts and OEM are welcomed.
Kindly contact us for more details.

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