Car Tow Strap

Car tow strap, usually named recovery strap, tow strap, Recovery Tow Strap Rope, Cable Towing Strap Rope.

Chengyuan Car Tow Strap is made from high intensity polyester or PP, 2inch or 50mm wide, 3 meters or 4 meters long with 2 Hooks. Rated to 3, 5 tons max (11,000lb) pulling capacity.
Storage Bag: Free with a tow strap.

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Product Parameters:Car towing strap

Item Code Width WLL

(Working Load Limit)


(Break Strength)

Standard Color Option
CY-CTR-5001 50mm 2500daN 5000daN EN12195-2

AS/NZS 4380:2001


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CY-CTR-5002 2000daN 4000daN
CY-CTR-5003 1500daN 4000daN
CY-CTR-5004 1000daN 2000daN
CY-CTR-5005 750daN 1500daN
CY-CTR-5006 500daN 1000daN

Application and After-Sales Service:

Car towing rope strap is universal for all vehicles such as small cars, SUV, ATV, UTV and boats etc.

Our Car towing rope strap are in different colors, widths, lengths and breaking strengths, Contact us for details.

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