2 Inch Cam Buckle Straps

2 inch heavy duty Cam Buckle Straps is the most popular tie down straps because convenient for operation and their higher lashing capacity makes them competent for most working field.

2 inch heavy duty Cam Buckle Straps can be made with various end fittings, such as claw wire hook, S hook, or even E-track fittings. Orange, yellow, black and Blue webbing are most popular. Applied 50mm width high tension polyester yam, the whole cam buckle strap break strength rated up to 1,360 kgs. Best choice for heavy duty daily work.

Chengyuan Cam Buckle Straps produced conform to EN 12195-2, AS/NZS 4380:2001 WSTDA-T-1. Export to more than 80 counties all over the world.

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Product Parameters: 2 inch Cam buckle Straps

Item Code Size Surface Treatment WLL

(Working Load Limit)


(Break Strength)

CY-TD-CM-5001 2 inch Zinc Plated 565daN 1,135daN EN12195-2

AS/NZS 4380:2001


CY-TD-CM-5002 Zinc Plated 565daN 1,135daN
CY-TD-CM-5003 Zinc Plated 680daN 1,360daN
CY-TD-CM-5004 Zinc Plated 680daN 1,360daN
CY-TD-CM-5005E Zinc Plated 680daN 1,360daN

Application and After-Sales Service:

2 inch heavy duty Cam Buckle Straps are popular in the shipping industry and car truck transportation for heavy loads.

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