1 Inch Cam Buckle Straps

1 inch Cam buckle straps, also called cam buckle tie downs, is widely used cargo lashing belt strap. Professional cargo security solutions. Our 1 inch Cam buckle straps are most popular for quick lashing and release. It is very convenient as it saves much time for the user. Usually used for light duty lashing, Break force rated up to 500 daN.
End Fittings usually include Shook and endless type.

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Cam buckle straps advantage:

Tight lockable lashing
Easy use and effective
Quick lashing or release
AAA grade material and durable
Low elongation
Endless or with S hooks, wire hooks

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Product Parameters:1 inch Cam buckle Straps

Item Code Size Surface Treatment WLL

(Working Load Limit)


(Break Strength)

Standard Color Option Hook Option
CY-TD-CM-2501 1 inch Zinc Plated 125daN 250daN EN12195-2

AS/NZS 4380:2001


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CY-TD-CM-2502 Black Coated 125daN 250daN
CY-TD-CM-2503 Zinc Plated 175daN 350daN
CY-TD-CM-2504 Black Coated 175daN 350daN
CY-TD-CM-2505 Zinc Plated 225daN 450daN
CY-TD-CM-2506 Black Coated 225daN 450daN
CY-TD-CM-2507 Zinc Plated 250daN 500daN
CY-TD-CM-2508 Zinc Plated 250daN 500daN

Application and After-Sales Service:

Chengyuan 1inch Cam buckle strap is made from High strength polyester yam, widely used in logistics and transportation and goods fixed. etc, they can protect goods from damage. All the products can meet Europe and America Standard.

Whole cam buckle tie down straps and OEM are welcomed.
Kindly contact us for more details.

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